Top Cordless Drills 2018

A drill is always an indispensable tool in any workshop or home since it allows tasks that would otherwise be exhausting to be carried out more easily. However, the supply of this equipment in the market is so wide that it can be difficult to choose a model of good quality, excellent performance and at an affordable price. To make an intelligent investment and obtain a tool of excellent quality, we show you a list recommended by the experts at Top Tool Guide so that you can acquire the best value cordless drill.

Makita DLX2020Y

Without a doubt, the main advantage of this great tool is its great versatility. This tool allows you to perform various tasks since you can use it as a screwdriver, drill, and as a hammer. With its 240 watts of power, it is able to work correctly in the execution of different tasks taking into account that it not only works as a drill, but also as a screwdriver or hammer, and other functions that can be chosen easily. The power and quality of this product allow you to provide great versatility, so you can give a good finish to a large number of DIY tasks. Its main functions are a hammer, screwdriver, and impact drill. To ensure this great performance, the product has two lithium-ion batteries 1.5 Ah, so you enjoy a great autonomy. In addition, its charger incorporates a fan that refreshes the battery whose charging time can be less than 30 minutes.

Einhell TE-CI 4510020

When you decide to make an investment to complement your toolbox with a drill rig, it is natural that you wonder what the best impact drill is. Customers widely recommend the TE-CI model of the renowned manufacturer of Einhell tools for being light, having excellent performance, and a good price. Its versatility is applicable in any DIY task and its tightening force works properly for electricity or mechanics. It is best cordless drill set that comes with the screwdriver, a battery, the charger, and the storage case with a weight of 1.6kg is one of the lightest and easiest to use portable tools because it has an ergonomic handle that guarantees a good grip. It has an efficient autonomy and it should be noted that the recharge speed is very fast because in barely half an hour the battery is charged to be used in the heaviest jobs.


Bosch power tools are renowned for their quality, durability and high performance. Although the Bosch GDS18VLINCG is not an electric impact drill, a battery-powered impact driver, we recommend that you consider purchasing it if you have already decided on an individual hammer drill from the list for the following reasons:

  • It is a device with which you can tighten and Screw tightly thanks to the 3200 RPM that reaches its powerful motor.
  • It has a compact, lightweight and ergonomic design that guarantees perfect handling because its handle is short which is useful even when working overhead
  • and an LED light that is included is very advantageous to illuminate the workspace.

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