Jamaica Cottage Shop: From Tiny Houses to Storage Spaces

Fancy living by the waters, waking up to the breath-taking beauty of the early morning sun in summer. You then proceed to have coffee on the back deck as you enjoy the beautiful view and the serenading effect of the birds. Wouldn’t that be a perfect replica of your dream life?

Small outbuildings offer a seamless antidote to serene, high quality yet affordable living and efficient working environment. The structures are a great way to breathe new life into your property bringing back to life those rare and less appreciated qualities.

Located in Vermont, Jamaica Cottage Shop is your number one go-to place for the customized garage, yoga studio, home office and anything else that is within the confines of creativity. Here is a quick sneak pick at some of what they do:

Tiny House

There is just something sensationally liberating about having your own house. With such a space, you can always run away from the cares and burdens of daily living and some reviving time where it is just you and what matters to you’ a peace of mind coupled with self-actualization. Freedom is a choice, and that is what these tiny precious houses give to you.

Storage Spaces

Storage spaces are a great way to remain organized and help your home run more efficiently. By getting extra storage area, it becomes easier to free up your main space for a neater and appealing appearance. This space is ideal for bicycles, lawn furniture, kids’ toys, and other items not occasionally used.

Garden Storage Space

If you are a garden enthusiast, you most probably had a challenge with storing your gardening equipment. Jamaica Cottage Shop provides you with quaint garden sheds, potting sheds and greenhouse sheds that will save you from the frustrations of keeping all your tools in one place. The garden shed is useful both functionally and decoratively as they have all you can look for in garden shed kits. Conversely, the potting shed has numerous shelves and some other storage areas for increased capacity. The greenhouse option on their other hand allows for both indoor growth and storage of supplies.


Jamaica Cottage Shop is home to some of the creatively designed cabins that will fit the bill whether in the country or the backyard. Whether it is a prefab cabin or the larger 20×30 cabin kit, the choice is all yours. Best part, you can have a custom-made design that works for you. All you need to do is drop Jamaica Cottage Shop a line, and they will get you started on getting your dream cabin delivered right at your doorstep.

It all comes down to this;

Jamaica Cottage Shop hands you the power to unleash a whole new world of sensational living with their customizable outbuildings. The structures are made from the beam and post timber frame, thus giving you a natural yet sophisticated garden sheds, storage sheds and a great variety of customizable shed kits. Whether you are looking for cabin kits, prefab cottages, utility enclosures Jamaican Cottage Shops has got them all under one roof.