The Handcrafted Gem from The Atlas Mountains

In a world where items are made by machine, items that are made by hand are totally something entirely special. Many people love items that have a mark indicating that humans have been involved in the creation of a specific item. They appreciate items that have been made by those with lots of skill and a great deal of training. When it comes to rugs, items that have been totally by hand are items that many people adore because the result is often quite beautiful. Those who made Moroccan Berber rugs begin the process of making a rug by harvesting local wool. As residents of mountains that can get quite cold at night, they have chosen to respond by taking the wool in the area and turning it into a superior product that draws on many decades and centuries of rug making experience.

From the Start

From the very start, the Beni Ourain rug is one that all buyers can find pleasing. Each rug begins as wool that is grown from sheep that have been bred for this specific purpose over time. The sheep that live in the Atlas Mountains are sheep that have developed a thick coat that can be harvested by those who live here. They start by making sure that each sheep has what it needs in the area in order to grow a coat that will yield a superior product. Each sheep is tended until the coat is ready to be sheared. This can take time but it will ensure that the final result is made from the highest possible quality wool just right for the results sought by all those who love quality rugs.

Turning It into a Product

After the wool is gathered, the process of making a Beni Ourain rug can begin in earnest. Those who work with this wool know how to make Moroccan Berber rugs that are things of beauty and a homage to the world of quality rugs. They also know how to take each skein that the sheep yield and use it well. The wool that they make is tempered by hand. The wool needs to be carefully handled in order to bring it to life. Once it is brought into the space where it will be used, the process of designing a rug can begin. Every single rug has been thought about before it begins as well as once it continues to unfold. Those who make them carefully weave the knots that make them up. They also think about how best to incorporate a design that is elegant and makes each rug a true gem.

Bringing it to Life

Using the wool properly involves many pairs of hands. People in this part of the world have been making these rugs for a very long time. In the process, they have learned how to make rugs that are lovely and inviting. They also know how to make rugs that show off just how to take handcrafting and make a rug that can and will last. Those who buy them can show off why the use of such handicrafts is such a wonderful thing in the modern and their own home. They can take these rugs and be assured of having something that is the end result of fabulous art.