The Benefits of Glass Countertops

A simple way to make a room feel lighter, brighter, and larger is to use glass countertops. Glass has many benefits that can help improve the quality of your home. These benefits include versatility — as glass can match any kind of decor, from vintage to modern– protection, and ease of use. There are many options for you if you’re looking for glass tops ft mitchell ky. These options include affordable custom tops, as well as glass only tables and other furniture. Prices vary due to differences in size for custom tops, or sizes and models of standalone glass tables, but most are very affordable and very reasonable. And unlike wood and granite, glass is a very durable material that is easy to clean and maintains its quality over time.

Wooden and granite surfaces can acquire damage simply from cleaning. Some products designed specifically for wooden surfaces still leave the wood looking dull and lifeless, while oils leave a greasy film on your table for days. Granite, while more durable than wood, is also a porous surface that absorbs dirt and bacteria and can acquire considerable wear and tear over the years. Glass, however, is exactly the opposite. Cleaning glass is extremely easy. You can keep a glass tabletop germ-free without having to worry about cleaning products harming the surface. Not to mention that cleaning up a wine spill is as easy as wiping it up.

There are also many aesthetic benefits to having a purely glass countertop or table. The most obvious and most important advantage of a glass tabletop is the transparency. Because of the transparency, the light travels right through the surface of the piece, making the room appear larger, and brighter. A glass tabletop can open up even the smallest of rooms by creating the illusion of space. You can use glass to help create any kind of mood, as it can match and help accentuate any kind of home decor. For a modern look, a glass tabletop can be the centerpiece of the room, and can match any kind of dinnerware and furniture, making it perfect for anyone who likes to change up the style of their home often. With glass, it is easy to create endless variations of a single room.

However, if you enjoy a more classic look and you’re not a big fan of the glass tabletop as a standalone piece of furniture, just create a custom glass piece for that vintage coffee table. Not only will you be able to protect your vintage piece, but it will also leave your home decor untouched. Adding a custom glass top to a beloved wooden dining room table can help protect its surface from spills, scratches, and regular wear and tear, all while maintaining the decor of your home intact. You can still appreciate the craftsmanship of the wooden surface, but you can let go of the worries since it will never get damaged. Glass will preserve color, detail, and overall decor.