Common Refrigerator Problems and Easy Troubleshooting Tips

The refrigerator is one of the most useful home appliances, and it works around the clock, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to keep your food fresh and cool your drinks, especially in the hot months. However, due to constant usage, wear and tear is quite common and may cause a malfunction which may lead to your refrigerator breaking down.

Here are some common problems that may warrant a fridge repair in Winnipeg and how you can identify them.

  1. The Fridge is not Cooling

Basically, the refrigerator should be about 36 to 40 degrees F and the freezer box should be between 0 to 5 degrees F. Here are some likely culprits as to why your fridge won’t cool

  • The defrost thermometer needs to be replaced.
    • The condenser coils are dirty.
    • The refrigerator temperature sensor is defective.

Simple Cooling Fixes

  • First, check and adjust the temperature control dial if the temperature has not been turned down.
    • Be sure the fridge is correctly plugged into power and the light is on when you open the door.
    • Check the vents on the back of the fridge to ensure nothing is stuck to the condenser fan. Also, clean the condenser fan in case dust has accumulated on it.

If these troubleshooting repairs do not work, consider calling an expert on fridge repair in Winnipeg.

  1. The Fridge Won’t Work at all

Sometimes, you might find that your refrigerator motor is not working and the fridge light is not working at all. This could be due to:

  • An electrical connection failure that is caused by either a blown fuse or a tripped circuit
    • The cold control not being set properly.

Try setting the cold control to cold and if this does not work, close your fridge to retain the cold and then call an appliance repair technician.

  1. Water Leak

Water leaks are a common refrigerator problem in many homes. This can be caused by:

  • Having food clog the bottom of your evaporator can cause ice to build up, blocking the drainage area of your fridge.
    • Water supply lines on water dispensers and ice makers may leak and cause pools of water under the fridge.
    Easy Solutions for Fridge Leaks
    • Start by checking the water supply lines and close up any leak-prone areas
    • Clear the drain tube by blowing air through it in case it is blocked
    • Level the fridge so it is not badly tilted
  1. Noise

Constant refrigerator noises can make you go crazy. Noises can either come from the condenser fan motor under the fridge or on the compressor under the fridge. Additionally, this can be caused by ice buildup or the electronic board being damaged.

When it comes to noisy fridges, the best option is seeking professional fridge repair in Winnipeg to fix the problem. An expert Winnipeg appliance repair electrician should also be consulted, as it can be incredibly hazardous to try to fix the problem by yourself.

  1. Fridge Smells

If your fridge smells even after discarding expired food, try giving it a thorough clean first. Unplug the refrigerator and clean it with baking soda and warm water and scrub it thoroughly. Also, clean the drip tray located underneath the fridge as it can become moldy at times.


Chances are you can fix some of the above issues by yourself if you have great DIY repair tools and skills. However, it is always best to seek professional fridge repair in Winnipeg for a thorough job.