Best online Rugs providers in Australia

Rugs rugs rugs are located in Sydney, Australia. We have been successfully operational in the carpet and rug industry for a long time. We are known for selling only the most affordable and finest quality rugs and carpets that are imported from various parts of the world. The huge variety of our carpet and rugs stocks include Persian, Indian, Afghani and Pakistani designs. We have all of these rugs and carpets in various textures such as silk pile and wool. You name it and you get it. We also get the machine-made rugs imported from Egypt, Turkey, Belgium, and Romania. The exquisitely designed modern rugs are either imported from New Zealand or Indian. Additionally, you would also get a great range of flat weave rugs which we import from India, Afghanistan and Iran.

What are the various services that we offer?

We at provide services for our customers so that they are comfortable after making their purchase. These services include the following:

  • Repair – After sales service includes repair and fixing of the rugs and carpets in case anything goes wrong. Rugs and carpets are created using knots and weaves and they have a tendency to come loose over a period of time. Our experts can easily repair the loose ends of your carpets and rugs. At times, due to a certain carelessness, you might end up burning your rugs or carpets but don’t worry as we have you covered. We can easily restore your rugs and carpets to their original beauty. The various services that we offer include the following:
    • Patching of holes and tears
    • Repair curled sides
    • Re-colouring of worn areas
    • Hand fringing
    • Repair fraying
    • Reweaving
    • Repair moth damage
    • Sew sleeves on back for hanging
  • Professional washing –We also offer professional washing services for your rugs and carpets. In-house carpet and rugs washing methods are not very effective. You might end up using inappropriate and harsh cleaning detergents and chemicals, but these would only rob the carpets and rugs of its beauty and design. We offer professional washing which means we provide safe, gentle cleaning for your rugs and carpets. Ours is the most effective and thorough cleaning procedure and it only makes the life of your rugs and carpets longer. We have trained experts who know exactly how to preserve the beauty of your rugs and carpets for the longest time.