Best Lawn care hacks and tips

Nothing can beat the pleasure of drinking coffee or tea along with your favorite book in a fine evening sitting in your own lawn. Gardening ties you to nature and gives you an opportunity to admire the creation of God. Gardening is a lot of fun. People who love gardening often befriend the plants, spend time with them and are often seen talking to them. They basically get so much attached to the plants that the best kind of pleasure for them is taking care of their plants. They consider plants as their children and show them the same affection and love by taking care of them. They spend fortunes on different kinds of fertilizers, oxidants or other stuff like that for the lawn management. But who may like to spend a massive amount of money on the lawn care if he knows simple and easy free of cost lawn care hacks?

We have rounded up for you some creative lawn care hacks that may completely change your way of gardening and may also save a lot of money and time. With almost no cost and a very little effort, you can transform your lawn into a perfect lawn you always dreamed of.

Keeping soil moist using a bottle:

You just need a wine bottle and a terracotta stake. Full the wine bottle with water and fix the terracotta stake on its opening. Stuck it in the plant’s soil.  First, the terracotta will absorb the water and then it will leak slowly in the soil. This will help in keeping the soil moist.

Disease prevention:

To prevent your plant’s seeds from fungal diseases, you just need cinnamon powder. It is anti-fungal in nature. Use it on your plant’s seedlings. It has a good smell too.

Replacing the watering can with a big-sized Bottle:

If you’re trying to save money or you’re lazy enough to go to the store and buy a watering can for your lawn, then you can just replace it with a bottle that is bigger than usual. Make shower holes in the bottle’s cap and fill the bottle with water. Tada! Your DIY watering can is ready to use.

Starting seeds:

For starting seeds use the citrus peel. Fill the soil in the peel. Create a hole in it for drainage. Sow the seed in it and sprinkle water. When it is ready to transplant, plant it directly in your lawn.

Kill weeds:

Use vinegar if you want to get rid of weeds that grow again and again in your lawn.

Keep plants hydrated for days when you’re on a vacation:

If you are going away from home for a few days and you want to keep your indoor plants alive, then you just need paper towels, a glass, and water. Roll the paper towel as tight as they do not break. Then put one end of the towel in the water and the rest across the will keep the plants hydrated until and unless the water in the glass and the towel itself dries down.

Prevent pests:

Eggshells help in protecting your plants from the pests. Egg shells act as a barrier against garden pests like slugs and snails. Pests have soft bodies so they don’t risk through sharp shells.

Author Bio : Sarah works yourgreenpal and she loves gardening and law management!