5 Kinds of Landscape Lighting

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Landscape lighting adds a zing to your already fantastic landscape. Also, It will make you enjoy your outdoor setting at night as well. If you haven’t installed any, you are missing a lot of beautiful moments and wasting precious time.

Instead of sitting on your couch and watching the TV. Enjoying the cold night sky with your well-lit landscape will be a more rewarding feeling after a long days work. Here are some of the landscape lighting Houston you should get for your backyard.


Lanterns provide a rustic, simple way to illuminate your space. They are inexpensive, and you can use them only when you need them. Aside from significantly impacting your area, lanterns project yellow-orange light which is relaxing and pleasant for the eyes. They are also a fantastic way to amp up your landscaping personality thus leaving things in simplicity.

Aside from them being a cheap and innovative way to light up your space, candlelight lamps can serve as post lanterns or even walkways by merely placing them down. Candlelight is a fantastic tool to set up a romantic mood. So use your landscape to take a trip down memory lane with the person you love.

Path Lighting

Walkways and paths can be dangerous when it is night time. It is the reason why there are lightings that were explicitly made for this reason. Path lighting not only adds an elegant feeling as you walk through the well-lit walkway. It also ensures that you get where you are going, safely.

Walking in a landscape that has fixtures to make sure your path shine makes you feel like royalty. You can pick any walkway path, and they will always be a fantastic addition.

Flood Lights

If you have something to show, illuminate it! Floodlights provide fantastic lighting for your home’s best feature. If you have an unusual house,  using a flood light will help the people notice it. You can also use it for your landscape as it will illuminate the highlight of your space.


Downlighting refers to having a light placed in a well-elevated space pointed downwards. It adds a significant effect that can copy the glow of the moon caressing the landscape. It will be an excellent addition to your backyard if you are looking for a cheap but efficient way to light up a beautiful space.

At best, downlighting can fix all your lighting problems in the long run. Downlighting when placed strategically can illuminate your walkways at the same time it can also highlight the best part about your landscape if not all.

Shadow lighting

Is an intelligent approach to your landscaping design, having well-made lanterns that use their designs to add a different personality at night. It is a play around the common problem of shadows cast by lighting and turns it into another spectacle for eyes to behold. A fantastic and creative way to deal with something that you cannot control.

There you have it, five kinds of landscape lighting Houston that will lighten up your nights.