The Significance of Septic Tank Cleaning & Grease Trap Cleaning in Calgary

The septic tank is a vital component of many homes. Even so, not many homeowners understand how often they are supposed to be cleaned or how to handle the maintenance issues of septic tanks. Thankfully, you can leave the job to the experts who specialize in septic tank cleaning in Calgary. On the other hand, if you run a busy food service or restaurant, then you will certainly benefit from grease trap cleaning in Calgary.

Septic Tank Cleaning

Frequency of cleaning

The frequency of cleaning a septic tank will mostly depend on the number of occupants in the home. In fact, the size of your septic tank must have the capacity to accommodate your entire household. While there isn’t a specific number for how often you’re supposed to clean your tank, the experts recommend that you do it twice a year. However, this number could be higher depending on the usage of the tank, including numerous other factors. If you suddenly discover that your kitchen, bathroom, drainage or sewage has problems, you might find it necessary to call in the experts to assess the situation and rectify the fault. An expert can easily tell the condition of your tank by performing a thorough inspection of the system. The septic tank cleaning specialists can determine whether your tank will need a simple or thorough cleaning after examining the system.

How can you tell you need septic tank cleaning service?

You should never wait until your drain backs up. It is highly recommended that you call the experts to carry out routine inspections every once in a while. The drain experts can check the level of the accumulated sludge. This is probably the safest way you can have your tank monitored. The technicians are skilled enough and certified to perform confined space entries. They also remove the lid of the tank carefully and prepare for the hazardous hydrogen sulfide gas to be emitted from the tanks

Grease Trap Cleaning In Calgary

On top of the usual food preparation, running a particularly busy kitchen in a food service joint or restaurant requires lots of maintenance, as well. One of the most critical components that should never be ignored is the grease trap. It is imperative that you keep your kitchen clean and ensure that grease traps are working efficiently to keep grease from building up.

The specialists will let you know that a grease trap that is improperly cleaned will always develop issues, such as backups that cost a ton of money to fix.

Proper Cleaning Should Be Done At the Appropriate Time

If you suddenly realize that your sink drain is draining slowly, you should not hesitate to call in the specialists to perform grease trap cleaning in Calgary. However, the task must be completed on a regular basis and it must be done correctly. To complete a proper cleaning of the grease trap, technicians follow these steps when cleaning:

i. Vacuum the trap
ii. Scrape the trap clean
iii. Perform a flow test to make sure it is draining properly