Consider These Vital Factors When Choosing Custom Bathroom Cabinets in Oshawa

When considering custom bathroom design, it is important to consider cabinet storage as well. You should ask yourself this question: ‘What type of bathroom cabinetry storage will I need for my custom bathroom?’ You will happily discover that there is a diverse range of numerous cabinet choices, but you can still rely on the expertise of a design specialist when seeking the right Oshawa cabinets for your new bathroom.

If you want to be sure you have selected suitable cabinets for your bathroom, you need to examine them closely and assess whether they are durable and sturdy. The cabinetry should also be well styled to fit into the rest of your bathroom.

Cabinet Types

You can choose between plywood and particle board. Plywood is actually considered by many as the best choice due to a number of reasons. It is generally lighter, more resistant to the pulling forces, bears more weight, and holds hardware and screws better. Particle board, on the other hand, withstands extreme temperature changes and does not warp easily. Particle board for custom Oshawa cabinets is particularly affordable in nature. Depending on your budgetary limits and the magnitude of your custom bathroom design, the option may prove to be greatly beneficial. Even so, it is worth noting that particle board does not resist the effects of moisture so well. When you hire a design team to work on your bathroom cabinet design, they actually consider your vision, budget, environmental factors, and style.

Cabinet Finishes

Cabinet finishes allow you to personalize your bathroom. The manufactured wood door varieties, including the drawer fronts, come in either factory applied finish or unfinished options. If you opt to go with semi-custom bathroom cabinets, you have a broad range of paint colours and finishes to match your taste. Custom cabinet finishes are applied by hand or topped with varnish. Note that your budget basically determines your cabinet finish, but thankfully you have endless options to choose from. While there are many types of lacquers, varnishes, and other treatment options for cabinet finishes, the ones listed below are the most common finishes:

i. Paint – The advantage of choosing paint is that the options are virtually limitless.
ii. Glaze – A pigmented coating that comes in either semi-transparent or transparent coating applied over the base coating. The glaze is applied to enhance the appearance of bathroom cabinets by drawing attention to the base colour and exposing the surface detail.
iii. Stain – A topical treatment that changes the natural pigment of the wood while still allowing the pattern of the grains to show. A sealer must be applied on top of the stain for protection.
iv. Antiqued look – For added character, antiqued patinas can be applied to give the cabinets some character. As a result, the cabinetry can be made to look older than its actual years.

As you work together with a specialist on your custom bathroom design in Oshawa, one of the most important aspects that you should focus on for the best possible outcome is the cabinets. A design specialist can help you to determine the most suitable Oshawa cabinets, depending on your budget, preferred style, environmental factors, and other things.