5 Things You Can Do with Your Fencing in Vancouver

When it comes to fences in Vancouver and all around the world, they can often look great all on their own. But what happens when you decides to jazz them up a little and do slightly more than you have in the past?

It all comes down to what you feel like doing. There are so many options and plenty of things that you can do. Whether you’re in a celebratory mood or just want to watch a vine go up your fence and burst into bloom for fun, check out these five cool things you may be able to do with fencing in Vancouver or your area! Why not just do a little more if you feel like it?

5 Things You Can Do with Your Fencing

  1. Tie Balloons to It for a Party

If you’re having a party, this is the perfect excuse to do something more with your fencing. Whether it’s putting some balloons on it or some streamers or even playing pin the tail on the donkey on the fence, there’s always some festive options for you to pursue. Perhaps you could even incorporate glow sticks and glow in the dark aspects!

  1. Line It With Tiki Torches

Tiki torches are so fun and of course there is that glamorous and exotic element of fire involved that can translate to it being so appealing. If you’re looking to have a bit of a nice night outside in the summer this can be a really nice way to light up the night and make a gathering a little bit more out of the ordinary than usual (and of course, it always goes great with a tropical or exotic theme).

  1. Plant Beautiful Vines By It

Vine plants will creep up your fence and provide a lovely aesthetic decoration that can actually look quite stunning. Whether your fencing in Vancouver is made of metal or wood, you can find vines with flowers that actually look incredible when paired up with the natural material. Look online or in local home and garden stores to see what may be best for your fence, yard, and personal taste!

  1. Hang Baskets From It

Of course, if you are the type to like hanging baskets, you may find that you really prefer to place baskets on the fencing that either are filled with flowers, plants, herbs, or vegetables. Some types of fences in Vancouver may support this while others may need a lighter basket or special attachments to help make it work.

  1. Plant Sunflowers By It

There is nothing more delightful and refreshing than a gorgeous sunflower or a couple dozen growing by a fence! These majestic yellow flowers are just the emblem of summer and can make your entire yard and home look more appealing and inviting. If you’ve never grown them before, try getting a hardy brand known for doing well and see how they do! You may have to water them, but there is something so classic and eternal about sunflowers by a fence. It’s just naturally appealing.